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Title: Does Tanzania Pesax online loan support credit card repayments and other payment methods?



In modern society, people increasingly rely on online loan services to meet various financial needs. PesaX is a well-known online loan platform in Tanzania, which provides users with convenient and fast loan services. However, one question that many people are concerned about is whether Pesax supports credit card repayments and other payment methods. This article will introduce the payment methods supported by Pesax in detail to help readers better understand the platform.

1. Credit card repayment

Pesax offers credit card repayment options on its platform. Users can repay their loans using credit cards that meet international standards. This gives users the flexibility to manage their finances and choose the repayment method that best suits their personal circumstances.

2. Debit card repayment

In addition to credit cards, Pesax also supports debit card repayments. Users can use their own debit cards to repay the loan. This provides another convenient repayment option for those who don’t have a credit card or prefer to use a debit card.

3. Mobile payment

As a lending platform for the local market in Tanzania, Pesax also provides mobile payment options. Users can use popular mobile payment services such as M-Pesa, Tigo Pesa, Airtel Money, etc. to repay the loan. This method is simple and fast, especially suitable for users who often use mobile payments on their mobile phones.

4. Bank transfer

Pesax also supports repayment via bank transfer. Users can transfer money directly to designated Pesax bank accounts. This is a traditional but safe and reliable repayment method, especially suitable for those users who are more accustomed to using traditional banking services.

5. Cash repayment

For those who prefer face-to-face transactions, Pesax also allows cash repayments. Users can go to Pesax partner outlets, deposit cash into their designated accounts, and complete the repayment operation. This provides an alternative for users who don’t trust online payment methods.


In short, Pesax is a very flexible and diverse online loan platform that supports a variety of payment methods. Whether it is credit card repayment, debit card repayment, mobile payment, bank transfer or cash repayment, users can choose the appropriate repayment method according to their preferences and convenience. This makes Pesax one of the preferred online lending platforms for users in Tanzania.

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