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Preferential loan interest rate and fee policies and event support for Pesax in Tanzania


If you are looking for a reliable financial institution to solve your financial problems, then PesaX is an option worth considering . Since its establishment, Pesax has been committed to providing high-quality, low-cost financial services to the people of Tanzania, especially in terms of loan interest rates and fees. Pesax has many preferential policies and activities to support it. This article will introduce these policies and support of Pesax so that you can better understand Pesax’s services.

1. Zero interest first time loan

For customers who apply for a loan from Pesax for the first time, Pesax provides a zero-interest preferential policy. This means you can get a loan without incurring any interest charges. Additionally, Pesax offers free withdrawals of up to 10,000 Tanzanian shillings to help you better manage your money. Through this policy, Pesax hopes to attract more customers and provide them with the best service.

2. Low-interest term loan

In addition to zero-interest first-time loans, Pesax also offers low-interest term loans. These loans come with relatively low interest rates and help customers better manage their debt. Additionally, each term loan comes with a clear repayment schedule and interest rate so customers have a better idea of what they will be paying. In this way, Pesax hopes to give customers a clearer understanding of the financial situations they face and support them in achieving their financial goals.

3. Promotion support

In addition to the above policies, Pesax often carries out various activities to support customers. For example, Pesax will launch promotions on important holidays or special occasions, such as free application fees, additional loan lines, etc. Additionally, customers can earn rewards by referring others to become Pesax customers. These promotions are designed to make customers feel that Pesax cares about and supports them.

4. Flexible repayment plan

In addition to policies on loan rates and fees, Pesax also offers flexible repayment plans. Customers can choose different repayment methods based on their financial situation and can change the repayment plan at any time. In addition, if customers are unable to repay their loans within the repayment period, Pesax will work with them to develop a new repayment plan to help them complete their repayments.

5. Excellent customer service

Finally, Pesax is also known for its excellent customer service. Whatever help or advice you need, Pesax’s professional team will do their best to support you. In addition, Pesax also provides multiple contact methods such as online customer service and telephone hotline so that customers can contact them at any time.


All in all, Pesax is a trustworthy financial institution whose loan interest rate and fee policies and event support make it the first choice for the people of Tanzania. Through zero-interest first-time borrowing, low-interest term loans, preferential event support, flexible repayment plans and excellent customer service, Pesax is committed to providing customers with the best service and support. If you are looking for a reliable financial institution to solve your financial problems, Pesax is definitely a good choice.

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