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PesaX Loan: Is collateral required?



PesaX is a loan services company headquartered in Kenya. With this company, you can apply for various types of loans, including personal loans, business loans, and more. However, many people are unsure whether these loans require collateral. In this article, we will explain in detail whether PesaX loans require collateral.

Is collateral required?

For most PesaX loans, no collateral is required to obtain them. This means you can apply for and get a loan without any security. These unsecured loans are often called unsecured loans because they do not require you to provide security or collateral.

Situations where collateral is required

While most PesaX loans do not require collateral, some specific loan types may require security to be approved. For example, if the loan you’re applying for is a large amount (like a home loan), you’ll most likely need to provide collateral to get approved. Additionally, if your credit score is not so good, banks may require you to provide collateral before they can provide you with a loan.

Other notes

In addition to collateral, PesaX will consider other factors to determine whether you qualify for a loan. These factors include your income, employment status and credit score. Generally speaking, if you have a stable source of income, a good credit score, and don’t have excessive debt, you’ll likely be approved for a loan.


In general, most PesaX loans are available without collateral. However, in some special circumstances, such as applying for a large loan or if your credit score is not high, a guarantee may be required to get approved. Therefore, before applying for a PesaX loan, make sure you understand all the relevant requirements and have the required materials ready.

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