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Detailed explanation of SoleWaka’s repayment methods


SoleWaka is a financial technology company dedicated to providing small credit loans to Africans. The company offers a variety of flexible repayment options to meet customers’ different needs and solvency. This article will introduce SoleWaka’s repayment methods and explain each method in detail.

1. Direct repayment

Customers can choose to repay directly, that is, pay the amount due on time within each repayment cycle. This method is simple and straightforward and helps to establish a good credit record. Customers can easily complete repayments through the online payment function on the mobile app or website to ensure timely payment of outstanding balances.

2. Automatic deduction

SoleWaka also provides an automatic debit service. Customers can authorize the company to automatically deduct repayments from their bank accounts. This method avoids the risk of forgetting to repay or delay payment, is convenient and fast, and reduces the burden on customers.

3. Cash deposit

In addition to online payment and automatic deduction, customers can also choose to make cash deposits at designated cooperative banks or payment outlets. This method is suitable for customers who are not accustomed to using electronic payment methods, and also provides more repayment channel choices.

4. Payment by agency

SoleWaka also cooperates with some agencies, and customers can choose to go to the designated agency for repayment. This method improves the convenience of repayment to a certain extent, and is a good choice especially for customers who live in remote areas or who have difficulty going to the bank.

5. Partial repayment

For some customers with temporary financial constraints, SoleWaka also allows partial repayment. Customers can pay part of the arrears first according to their actual situation, and the remaining part can be made up in subsequent repayment cycles. This method is more flexible and can help customers overcome temporary difficulties.

6. Deferred repayment

Finally, SoleWaka also provides the option of deferred repayment. If the customer is unable to pay as scheduled on the repayment date, he or she can contact the company to apply for an extension of repayment to avoid additional fees and credit record damage caused by overdue payments. The company will review the customer’s specific situation and provide corresponding assistance.


To sum up, SoleWaka provides customers with a variety of flexible repayment methods, including direct repayment, automatic deduction, cash deposit, agency payment, partial repayment and deferred repayment. These methods meet the different needs and solvency of customers, provide customers with more repayment options, and improve the convenience and flexibility of repayment. Customers can choose the appropriate repayment method based on their actual situation to ensure timely repayment of the loan and maintain a good credit record.

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