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Can you make early repayments with SoleWaka?


As a borrower, one of the most important questions to ask when taking out a loan is whether or not you can make early repayments. After all, being able to pay off your loan early can save you money on interest and help you become debt-free faster. So, if you’re considering taking out a loan with SoleWaka, you may be wondering whether or not they allow early repayments. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about early repayments with SoleWaka.

What is SoleWaka?

Before we dive into early repayments, let’s first take a brief look at what SoleWaka is. SoleWaka is a peer-to-peer lending platform that provides loans to individuals and small businesses. The platform connects borrowers with investors who fund their loans, providing an alternative source of financing for those who may not qualify for traditional bank loans. SoleWaka offers loans ranging from ?10,000 to ?100,000 with repayment terms of 3-6 months.

Does SoleWaka allow early repayments?

The short answer is yes, SoleWaka does allow early repayments. In fact, they encourage borrowers to pay off their loans early if they are able to do so. Making early repayments can save borrowers money on interest and also helps them build a positive credit history, which can make it easier to secure future loans.

Are there any fees for making early repayments?

No, there are no fees for making early repayments with SoleWaka. Unlike some lenders who charge prepayment penalties, SoleWaka allows borrowers to make early repayments without any additional charges.

How do I make an early repayment with SoleWaka?

To make an early repayment with SoleWaka, simply log in to your account and navigate to the “Repayments” section. From there, you can select the loan you wish to repay early and follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment. It’s that simple!

What are the benefits of making early repayments with SoleWaka?

Making early repayments with SoleWaka can provide several benefits, including:

  • Saving money on interest: By paying off your loan early, you can save money on interest charges.
  • Improving your credit score: Making early repayments can help improve your credit score, which can make it easier to secure future loans.
  • Becoming debt-free faster: Paying off your loan early can help you become debt-free faster, giving you peace of mind and financial freedom.


If you’re considering taking out a loan with SoleWaka, rest assured that they do allow early repayments. Not only are there no fees for making early repayments, but doing so can also provide several benefits, including saving money on interest, improving your credit score, and becoming debt-free faster. So, if you’re able to make early repayments, it’s definitely something to consider!

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